Alvisi Kirimoto, awards for Podernuovo Winery Alvisi Kirimoto, awards for Podernuovo Winery

Alvisi Kirimoto, awards for Podernuovo Winery

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12 July 2017

Starting from its first implementation, the project of the Massimo Alvisi and Junko Kirimoto Architectural Studio for the Podernuovo Winery of Palazzone that was executed for Paolo and Giovanni Bulgari in 2013 in San Casciano dei Bagni in the Province of Siena has made great headway, enjoying the acclaim of national and international critics. 

Today, this success is reconfirmed due to the assignment of two new important awards proving a strong capacity to work in extremely delicate contexts with unique sensibility towards the environment and scenery. 

The Podernuovo Winery situated at the border between Tuscany and Umbria represents a sequence of four parallel clay-coloured concrete partition walls dividing the ground according to the layout following the maximum declivity of the hill. 

Thus, the territory continues in the architecture while a principle of functional purity permeates all the spaces of the winery, conceived as an extension of agricultural activity and local culture, which enter right into the heart of the architecture through the partition walls. 

The building defines its environments in accordance with the explicit production needs and takes the cue from the surrounding landscape, leaving every element in sight, from the large partition walls to the production equipment to the mechanical appliances. 

Moreover, the winery is crossed by a main axis, which acts as a visual telescope running between the central walls for the entire length of the building and opens up on the vineyards. The internal part appears as an open space” which, due to its large glass walls, allows observing all the wine production areas from any itinerary point against the background of Tuscan scenery. 

In view of all this, some weeks ago, the special award by Fassa Bortolo was assigned to the Alvisi Kirimoto's work, among the projects selected in the context of the twelfth edition of the International Prize for Sustainable Architecture (the only Italian winner) promoted by the University of Ferrara. The jury of great international prestige was composed of Thomas Herzog, Louisa Hutton, Diébédo Francis Kéré, Roberto Di Giulio and Nicola Marzot. 

Secondly, the Podernuovo Winery of Palazzone has just received another appreciation in Florence: the Tuscany Architecture Award for the best new construction realized in the course of the recent five years in the region. 

The award jury composed of architecture historian Marco De Michelis, architects Simone Sfriso, João Luís Carrilho da Graça and Sandy Attia, sociologist Guido Borelli honoured the quality of the project and the solutions, which meet more and more compelling design requirements, based on the existing landscape features.


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