L22, new Food Court for Valmontone Outlet L22, new Food Court for Valmontone Outlet

L22, new Food Court for Valmontone Outlet

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13 July 2017

The Valmontone Outlet was recently renovated. A unique decision was made: to realize in its territory a new Food Court, that is, an area for rest from shopping, dedicated to wellness and relax, serenity and conviviality. 

The architectural project for the new area of about 3000 square meters was assigned to L22, a brand of the Lombardini22 Group. The studio designed the new facade with a door facing the square serving as an entrance to the food area, which was also designed by the studio from Milan. 

The facade design is inspired by the aesthetics of the Valmontone Outlet, a town with houses of various styles and types, reinterpreted in a stylized manner: the facade was decorated with an enfilade of funny, geometrical, coloured constructions representing the archetype of the house concept. 

The visitor is welcomed by nine iconic houses looking as if they were designed by children, in drawn metal sheet following a scheme of tones and nuances. The central house represents a large entrance portal leading directly to the new Food Court. 

The creation of a high visibility front is then accompanied by complete redesign of the catering area, now concentrated in the North-West area of the Centre: the position was chosen due to the comfortable car access and to the possibility of being lived and managed in autonomy compared to the Outlet and to its opening hours.

The stores and restaurants hosted by the Food Court are defined by external spaces thought as terraces with wooden floors, with ad-hoc urban furniture meant to create islands of tables and seats. 

The new platform roofs of painted steel are covered by glass parts (covered by tents if required) and opaque parts: the double solution guarantees a calibrated balance between the luminosity, irradiation and summer heat. In addition, it ensures protection from the rain, essential for the centre usability and the comfort of visitors. 

It was also decided to group the tables and chairs along the perimeter of the buildings near the stores, maintaining the central avenue crossing the Outlet. On the other side, apart from the internal space, two terraces facing the houses were designed. They overlook the parking area as a sign of welcome and hospitality.

Photos by Dario Tettamanzi


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