The good health of wood construction: the Assolegno numbers The good health of wood construction: the Assolegno numbers

The good health of wood construction: the Assolegno numbers

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17 July 2017

The results emerging from the 2nd Report on Wood Houses and Buildings, the study conducted by the Federlegno Arredo Eventi Study Centre on behalf of Assolegno, were recently disclosed. The study analysed factors such as the wood construction situation in Italy in terms of number of buildings constructed (residential and other), the most commonly used construction technique, the territorial distribution of companies and their turnover, the dwellings built per Region, the national market estimates, a comparison with the building industry in Italy as well as with the production of wood prefabricated buildings in other European Countries. 

The numbers published show the presence of more than 3,400 new wood houses built during 2015, equal to 7% of the building permits, one house out of 14 built from wood, 696 million Euro the value of wooden, residential and non-residential, buildings created. 

It shows a steadily opposite trend over an unsettled housing sector with new residential building investments in 2015 down by -6.8% over the previous year. 

In fact, the analysis is a detailed radiography of the wood structure building market in 2015 and the production value, based on the processing of data provided by 248 companies involved in the survey (which saw the presence of the leading industry players participating in the construction of wooden frame buildings in Italy). 

Therefore, one out of 14 new buildings is made of wood, confirming the final user’s interest for this type of construction. Our country is fourth place in the European market of wood building manufacturers, with above-average growth: all in one year, 2015, which was a transition period for wood construction in a housing market still declining, which shows how the wood construction sector still can operate successfully on the market and maintain the 2014 production levels. 

At the regional level, the weight of companies in Trentino Alto Adige is highlighted in terms of turnover generated (46% of the total) and Lombardy as the number of companies active in the sector (51, which represents 21%); with regards to the territorial distribution of housing, Lombardy is ranked first with 20% of the buildings being built, followed by Veneto (18%) and Emilia Romagna (15%). 

Finally, the report contains an interesting parallel inquiry on finishes that shows how PVC and tiles are the most commonly used materials in wood buildings, respectively, for windows and flooring. 

Emanuele Orsini, Chairman of Federlegno Arredo, said: 

“The numbers offered by the report are important, but what is even more important is that they confirm the ability of our companies to provide the market with solutions that can obtain outstanding performance concerning energy conservation, sustainability, earthquake safety and economic competitiveness. Whether it's a private or public building, the wood manages to guarantee timing and results that put it above all other building materials. Not just in Italy. As shown by the research report presented today, "Made in Italy" wooden houses are in fact increasingly popular abroad, so much so that export has surpassed the level of imports for the first time”. 

Marco Vidoni, Assolegno Chairman, is also satisfied: 

“I strongly wanted this second edition of the report because I think it is crucial to emphasise the significant research and development contribution that our companies are providing to create beautiful and safe buildings in any territory”.


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