The Strato Studio, two projects to “experience” wine The Strato Studio, two projects to “experience” wine

The Strato Studio, two projects to “experience” wine

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06 December 2017

The story of the Strato Studio tells about a common aim, that of the architects Martino Fraschetti and Vincenzo Tattolo, formed in Rome, "infinite sample of suggestions" from which they were able to draw the inspiration of the project experienced as a real emotional experience. 

The result is a rigorously tailor-made sophisticated and “regenerative” architecture that escapes definitions and categories to create residences and design spaces that blend ancient and contemporary, craftsmanship and technology, places where spaces are interconnected in harmony with the context, modelling matter, colour and energy to shape new perspectives. 

A passion for the pleasure of living and exploring beauty that could not fail to be realized in the creation of environments designed to enhance the wine experience, balanced between rustic tradition and refined atmosphere. In fact, Bulzoni and Brylla are two wine bar projects developed in collaboration with the Laurenzi Consulting group, specialised in food&beverage consulting. The aim was to conceive wine bars with a soul, which were designed based on tailor made and exclusive ideas, and with great care and attention to detail, despite the difference of the concept and the Roman neighbourhoods in which they are located. 

As for Bulzoni, its dominant compositional style is rustic and refined. It takes its ideas from this old third-generation wine bar in the heart of Parioli, and transforms it into a modern wine bar open to dining and the Roman nightlife, without sacrificing the original vocation to the store. 

Inaugurated in 1929 for the sale of wines, oils and vinegars in bulk to the inhabitants and the workers of the district under construction in those years, Bulzoni now welcomes customers in a space with natural décor that enhances the wine pouring and the great offer of wines; the oak tables, the wood flooring, the wine-coloured walls, the protagonist of the space, the wood antique bar with marble top, and finally a recovered terracotta staircase between the ground floor and the warehouse are further references to tradition and the feel of an antique French champagnerie. 

Moving on to Brylla, we move to the heart of the Trieste neighbourhood, another upper class roman neighbourhood where the Strato Studio selected to enhance design concepts, by enhancing the wine from the name of the place and playing on the coming together of two souls. In fact, the wine bar is convivial, defined through the central room with terracotta floors and two symmetrical wooden counters, but it also has another and more intimate and elegant room dominated by the blue night colour and with a wall that bears a stellar design and brings the audience into a dreamlike dimension. 

The textures and materials, the natural larch furniture and the grey iron shelves recall the world of the cellars, while the right level of soft lighting once again contributes to define a dreamlike atmosphere that is aromatic like the scent of wine.

So, the Strato Studio has put its name on two rooms with a great scenic and emotional impact, where the walls and furnishings tell a story of the wine culture to be discovered.



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