Ares Line for the new Carmen Würth Forum Ares Line for the new Carmen Würth Forum

Ares Line for the new Carmen Würth Forum

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18 July 2017

Since its foundation in 1987, the Würth Foundation, wanted by entrepreneur Reinhold Würth and his wife Carmen, has been committed to the promotion of art, culture, science, and research. It is a family collection that includes 17,000 works of art, a part of which is exhibited in leading German and Swiss museums and another part is displayed in nine international offices belonging to the group of companies. 

The project relative to the creation of the Carmen Würth Forum started from this heritage (both material and spiritual). This project began in 2011 after a competition won by the David Chipperfield Architects, and will be concluded on 18 July 2017.

David Chipperfield and Alexander Schwarz’s idea was to correctly integrate the building with the surrounding area, characterized by extensive meadows and fields. For this purpose, two concrete walls were cast to frame the square in front of the main entrance, which leads to the foyer, illuminated by natural light and that gives access to the large multi-purpose room

The lower floor is completely buried, while the upper level, with windows on all sides, rises just above the hill that houses the building. The project, which covers an area of 10,000 square meters envisages a capacity of about 10,000 people and defines a series of environments that cater to many functions including the concert hall, the gallery hall, and the open air square.

A work of this kind requires quality furnishings with a high degree of customisation and the ability to satisfy the needs of visitors. Therefore, Ares Line solutions were selected since they have always been a guarantee of beauty, efficiency, and comfort. 

In particular, the lines of the armchair selected for installation come from the design studio, David Chipperfield Architects, which made explicit requests to companies participating in the tender. 

Therefore, since the beginning, Ares Line’s technical team supported the designers in developing the seat by refining the project and indicating guidelines typical of an ergonomic and well-built armchair. On the one hand, the team respected the predetermined prototype, and on the other hand pursued an alternative route, a second prototype studied by Giovanni Baccolini. This double vision was the winning card, allowing Ares Line to win the commission.​

The product's unique features are identified in the melodic and curved lines of the wood, which required the development of specific moulds, the monolithic aspect of the sides, and the small backs that convey solidity. 

Quality, functionality, and flexibility: these are the ingredients once again used by Ares Line to win this challenge.


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