Artceram at Cersaie 2017, an interview with the patron, Alberto Brunelli Artceram at Cersaie 2017, an interview with the patron, Alberto Brunelli

Artceram at Cersaie 2017, an interview with the patron, Alberto Brunelli

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28 September 2017

Since 1987, it is the flagship of the important ceramic district of Civita Castellana, thanks to an entrepreneurial culture based on the concept of Made in Italy, which means the highest quality of products, attention to detail, social and territorial responsibility. This is the identity of Artceram, a company specialised in the production of ceramic bathroom furnishings, and able to unite the most advanced technology with the creativity of young designers, with the knowledge that doing business is also, and above all, a question of values and culture. At Cersaie 2017, we talked about this and much more with Alberto Brunelli, currently at the helm of the company.


What developments did Artceram present at Cersaie 2017? 

“We strongly focus on the classic collection called CIVITAS, which was named after Civita Castellana, and is composed of everything regarding toilets, consoles, structures, mirrors, and accessories made both of steel and ceramic.

The piece de resistance that we bring to Bologna is The One, which has a patented seat without hinges. The product won a very important award that we will receive here at Cersaie. Civitas is a complete collection for large markets, while The One is a technical product with thin profiles”.


Artceram’s history is based on Made in Italy innovation and craftsmanship. What is the balance between historical tradition and the search for new technologies for you? How important is your identity on the International market? 

“Balance is extremely difficult. We all want to work with ceramic that, however, compared to other products, where measures are precise, is a live product. We need to reconcile the design with a product fired in a ceramic kiln. This product is different from others; we work with live products”.


Artceram has always been committed to promoting art, developing its area and creating culture. Concretely, how is this done? 

“Our showroom is a deconsecrated church where we organise and host events, including the Civita Festival. I loan it to the school and the municipality, free of charge so that they can hold events. This is how the business-territory-culture relation evolves”.


What are Artceram’s future goals and/or projects? 

“At Cersaie we created HiArt, the merger of Hidra, my brother’s company, and Artceram, where I have always worked. On the one hand, Artceram is technologically advanced in design and, on the other hand, Hidra is a historical company rich in tradition. We will continue on this path”.


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