Brera Design Days 2017, is the city ready for a new Humanism? An interview with Cristian Confalonieri Brera Design Days 2017, is the city ready for a new Humanism? An interview with Cristian Confalonieri

Brera Design Days 2017, is the city ready for a new Humanism? An interview with Cristian Confalonieri

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20 September 2017

An incubator of ideas and innovation, a group of brilliant minds working closely with the citizens to design their future: it is difficult to say what the Brera Design Days really mean to the city of Milan. Their second edition will take place from 6th to 12th October in the Microsoft House headquarters and in other neighbouring areas. They will deal with design and territory, technology and urban evolution, as well as graphics and empathy to thoroughly examine the relationship between human beings and the world, considering the future as a possible “new Humanism”. We talked about this with Cristian Confalonieri, creative director of Studiolabo and curator of the event.


Which are the key issues of this year’s Brera Design Days?

“We will definitely focus on the relationship between man and technology; in fact, an entire day will be dedicated to IOT and Empathy. Nevertheless, Milan is also synonymous with Industry 4.0, a related topic for many of the programmed events. We care particularly about graphics and game design, two other central issues. The aim is promoting and spreading the project culture in Milan in another period of the year, i.e. six months after Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone. All events are free.”


Why did you choose Microsoft House in Viale Pasubio as the headquarters of this second edition? Where does this collaboration come from?

“Our fruitful collaboration started when Microsoft moved to the Fondazione Feltrinelli building, inside the Brera Design District. The choice of the Microsoft House as the Brera Design Days headquarters came quite natural. It is the house of those who love innovation, it is beautiful and open to the public. Besides the Microsoft House, the festival will involve around twenty other locations. You will find the complete programme on”


The event focuses mainly on innovation and territory: according to you, how and to what extent will digital technology change the way we live the city?

“Milan is already a good example of how digital technologies are changing the way we use the city. With an app we can call a cab, hire a car or a bike, buy an underground ticket… and these are only examples linked to transports. As Milan is a fast-developing smart city, we thought that this topic needed to be scanned during the Brera Design Days. In fact, the discussion will be broadened on 6th and 7th October in the Microsoft House.”


According to you, which will be the three most effective trends in the design world for the next ten years?

“We’re witnessing a huge growth in the design sectors linked to services and entertainment. The relation of man and digital technologies is not yet mature; this will lead to the development of new kinds of projects, consequently involving all known economic sectors. There will probably be a new Humanism. No wonder we will talk a lot about Empathy.”


Many experts, creative talents, designers, journalists, critics and researchers will take part in the programmed events. Can you tell us some not-to-be-missed names?

“From Stefano Boeri to James Bradburne, General director of the Pinacoteca di Brera; from the designers Lorenzo Palmeri and Giulio Iacchetti to the artist Loris Cecchini and the cartoonist Bruno Bozzetto; from the songwriter Eugenio Finardi and the fashion designer Arthur Arbesser up to the women of design Adele Cassina, Rossana Orlandi, Marirosa Toscani Ballo, Paola Jannelli, Giovanna Castiglioni, Maria Cristina Didero… I cannot mention all the guests that will speak during the Brera Design Days. The People section of the website is the liveliest and fastest changing section.”


What did you expect from this second edition of the Brera Design Days? Which are the main target objectives?

“Our objective is registering the highest possible number of participants. Moreover, we want this event to continue beyond the last talk programmed on 12th October, creating culture and dialogue in the following months too. For example, we use the Brera Design Days to find out and develop the Brera Design District subject for Fuorisalone 2018. I hope this edition can launch new collaborations, projects and visions and act as the driving force for the third edition in 2018.”


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