Ceramiche Keope at Cersaie 2017, an interview with its marketing manager Alessandro Loschi Ceramiche Keope at Cersaie 2017, an interview with its marketing manager Alessandro Loschi

Ceramiche Keope at Cersaie 2017, an interview with its marketing manager Alessandro Loschi

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29 September 2017

Research, innovation and identity: these are the key elements behind the success of Ceramiche Keope since 1995. The brand, leader in the manufacture of porcelain stoneware floors and wall tiles, is part of Gruppo Concorde, leading European ceramic group, engaged in the protection of people and the environment. Ceramiche Keope shares and promotes these same values by turning its tiles into a mix of eco-sustainability and Made in Italy uniqueness. At Cersaie 2017 we met its marketing manager Alessandro Loschi, who talked about the future and present of the company.


What will Ceramiche Keope present at Cersaie 2017? 

“This year we will present a complete range of products: seven collections, some featuring 2 cm thick versions, others for interiors (1 cm thick). They are all available in large sizes, which are becoming a key element of our product strategy, thus important for every collection.

In particular, this year we have enriched the project Elements, which we presented last year and proved incredibly successful, by adding valuable new products. It is a project for the world of architecture in which three different series inspired by natural elements – wood, marble and resin – can be harmoniously combined together. At the beginning, the line featured 14 colours that could be mixed to apply the same style to the whole house. This year we have introduced marble effects, three new colours (two white marbles and a very graphic grey marble) available in large sizes. Elements Design, which is the third part of this big project, is further enriched by two new colours (black and white) and new sizes. We are trying to do our best to ensure a wide range of products.

We will also present three new collections: Pulse, an unexpected combination of concrete with nature that creates an eclectic décor effect, especially in the extra large sizes, for a touch of romanticism and unique elegance.

Suite is the new stone effect porcelain stoneware line of tiles, an elegant product available in a trendy colour palette and with a detailed texture.

Logos is the new wood effect series available in five colours and in the 30x140 size that we used for the floor of our stand.

Finally, there are two collections linked to the 2 cm thick world, i.e. Cipro (stone effect in 3 colours) and Mito (wood effect in 40x120 size). Another new product is the large thick tile; in fact, we are presenting tiles of 120x120 and 120x240 for particular projects or outdoor applications.”


Your story started in 1995 in the province of Reggio Emilia, but now your products are present in more than 80 countries. What does exporting Made in Italy in the world mean to you? 

“For us, Made in Italy is a very important concept. It means not only having a completely Italian production, but it is also a way of interpreting relationships, attention and ethic. We believe it is important to export not only our style, but also the values at the basis of our work. We have promoted Confindustria Ceramica Code of ethics, which means that we must clearly indicate the origin of our products. This way we export our products, as well as our pride, honour and commitment.”


Talking about sustainability, Ceramiche Keope is the promoter of Greenthinking: can you tell us something about this project? 

“It is a series of projects that prove our commitment to the environment. We started it in 2008 because we wanted to communicate what we do every day to protect people and the environment, as well as to save energy. In 2004 we were the first ceramic company in Europe to apply the reduction of CO2 emissions according to the Kyoto protocol and since that moment we have been working to gain environmental certifications and protect nature. We have many different certifications and we have been pioneers in this.”


Any goals for the future? 

 “We are launching a big project this year. We are sponsor of Artesella, an open-air contemporary museum in Trentino. This event, which was born over thirty years ago, attracts international artists, designers and architects and invites them to create works by using only natural materials, directly on site, so that only nature can modify their aspect over the years. The union between art and nature perfectly matches our values.”


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