Cersaie 2017, Ceramiche Keope developments Cersaie 2017, Ceramiche Keope developments

Cersaie 2017, Ceramiche Keope developments

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18 September 2017

Once again this year, one of the presentations planned for Cersaie 2017, is the expansion of Ceramiche Keope’s K2 collection, porcelain stoneware floors with a thickness of 20 mm for exterior use. Three new series were added: Cypro, Mito, and Logos with a rectified structured finish, perfect for residential and commercial environments. 

The porcelain stoneware, Cypro or translated into English Cyprus, stands out for its stone-like finish. The name tells about the soul of this line, available in Beige, Grey, and Anthracite, which imitate the aesthetics of natural stone and ancient memory. They are paved tiles brought to new life where the "used" effect meets the contemporary style. 

Available in 30x60, 60x60 and 40x120 cm, Cypro allows for numerous graphic compositions that play on chromatic contrasts; the selection of the three shades also makes Cypro a porcelain stoneware with a strong, but at the same time delicate, aesthetic personality, because visually it seems to observe a real hewn stone, but with the advantages of porcelain in terms of cleanliness and maintenance. 

Mito and Logos are different variations of the same soul: evocations of the effects of the most precious woods, Mito embodies a rough material aspect while Logos embodies the more enveloping and warm features, while both express the timeless charm of the noble wooden material. 

Offered in Taupe and Brown, in 40x120 tiles with 20 mm thickness for external tiles while the Logos series is enriched with the colours Beige, Walnut and Ivory, and the tiles for internal use are available in two formats: 20x120 and 30x240 cm. 

Logos was designed for those who prefer one flooring for all project areas, a “precious” coating for the bathroom, designed to be perfectly coordinated with the elegance of the wood-effect slats, which can also be used for outdoor areas. 

Mito, with its more “rustic” nature and with more pronounced veining, is a line that combines personality, aesthetic balance and contemporaneity and is presented in Beige and Brown, as well as in the 40x120 cm format for a ceramic flooring with a parquet effect for the outdoors. 

Moreover, K2 is a collection characterised by a 20 mm thickness, and allows for both installation of raised flooring as well as dry installation on sand, gravel or grassy substrates (without the need for glue or mortar) as well as the traditional gluing on screed installation, with a very high resistance to breakage loads and making the surface suitable for vehicle transit. 

In fact, K2 is a particular system to respond to the needs of designers looking for continuity between the indoors and outdoors and integration into outdoor projects. Supporting the range, Ceramiche Keope also presents a broad range of special pieces and accessories designed to respond to all design needs including coordinated elements such as curbs for pool edges or for water drainage to cover walls. 

The system ensures excellent performance: high resistance to breakage walls, thermal shock, salt, mildew, moss and verdigris treatments, which are all fundamental features for outdoor flooring. 

Frost-proof, non-slip and easy to clean, the series is marked with the GreenThinking logo, which proves Ceramiche Keope’s strong commitment towards nature, and the Made in Italy brand, a guarantee of solid values such as style, design, innovation and product quality but, above all, respect for the environment and people.


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