Duka, launching Natura 4000 at Cersaie 2017 Duka, launching Natura 4000 at Cersaie 2017

Duka, launching Natura 4000 at Cersaie 2017

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11 July 2017

Cersaie 2017 that will take place in Bologna from September 26 to 29 is a fundamental stage for Duka's production development: in fact during the event, the exclusive collection of shower cabins Natura 4000 will be launched.

Natura 4000 is a combinable modular system. It is based on the idea of updating the historical Dukessa and Natura models also taking into account the aesthetics aspect. The resulting project offers a solid element, well balanced in its geometrical forms and rich in unique innovations, by which the company reconfirms its commitment to comfort and performance at 360°, with an original and absolutely competitive approach. 

Natura 4000 with its profile finished with glossy and opaque silver and its transparent, glazed, printed and parsol-grey glass panes is also included in the catalogue in a version with ProCare treated glass contrasting the formation of halos, facilitating and accelerating the cleaning operations. 

The Natura 4000 project develops around two opening systems, with sliding and shutter doors. 

The sliding door models are ideal when one wants to avoid external cluttering, when the bath cabin is quite large or, on the contrary, when the space is so limited that an angular entrance is imposed. 

The offered models have a very stable and secure sliding door system due to the insertion of a magnet inside the profile. The sliding door is equipped with a simpler detaching mechanism. The fixed elements are adjustable in height. The new antiflood profile helps water drain away towards the inside. In the end, the door is regulated by the Automatic Close & Stop system accompanying its movement.

The shutter system is based on shutter, revolving and folding door models, ideal when spacious entrances are preferred. The perfect functioning of these models is also guaranteed by sophisticated mechanisms hidden inside the hinges and profiles. 

Specifically, the doors open at 180° both inwards and outwards. The Automatic Close system option allows easier and smoother door movement. The hinges are stuck to the glass panel via the screw-free UV system. Due to this system the glass remains undamaged, safe and smooth on the inside, making cabin cleaning easier. The new antiflood profile lets water drain away towards the inside. The handles ensure a firm hold and easy moving, with a form depending on the selected model. In addition, the handles of the folding/shutter models have special inserts preventing damage in the event of clashes with the glass panel or a wall. 

Perfect authentically tailored shower solution marrying any environment.



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