Illulian, the Heart carpet enriches the Limited Edition Illulian, the Heart carpet enriches the Limited Edition

Illulian, the Heart carpet enriches the Limited Edition

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16 October 2017

Limited Edition is the exclusive line, with which the Illulian brand unites the best design creative minds, art and photography throughout the world to create carpets with a unique look and original taste. These carpets are unique and produced in limited edition. 

The latest addition to the collection is Heart, created by Lorenzo Petrantoni, the author of a model that illustrates the artist’s passion for graphics and the late nineteenth century, a common trend found in all of his work created by assembling images retrieved from old dictionaries of that era with the purpose of restoring life to books, events, or otherwise forgotten characters. 


Heart is characterised by an incisive graphic sign, which was created by assembling, through collage, images and objects related to the theme of the noblest of sentiments. It is an immersive, vibrant and dynamic experience with the heart in the forefront that turns the carpet, produced with high-quality raw materials, into a unique object, which is a perfect balance between art and design.  

Encouraging many international visual artists to tell their personality and philosophy of life through decorations, illustrations and chromatic compositions, Illulian once again proves to be sensitive to the mood of our time in which the design universe is increasingly open to contamination with other sectors: graphics, architecture, painting, sculpture, fashion, photography and television.  

Different perspectives and points of view thus create original home scenery with a recurring theme that is pure creative energy united with the high quality of the raw materials used to manufacture carpets. 

Illulian’s Limited Edition can be made in two models: Platinum 120 and Gold 100, which are distinguished by the chromatic appear obtained from the vibrant vegetable colours used. 

Platinum 120, which is the most exclusive line, is characterized by the use of high-quality handmade wool and silk and incredibly intricate workmanship - 180,000 knots per square meter -, which can create "sculptures" with very scenographic effects; Gold 100 offers carpets made of wool and silk, always of great charm but with a density of 150,000 knots per square meter. 

Furthermore, Illulian’s Custom Made service, the brand's consolidated trump card gives life to a custom-made carpet that satisfies any request and customisation: colours, designs, sizes, and shapes are specially designed to give life to unique and exclusive pieces. 

These prestigious specimens can be used for residential and contract use, such as museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants and nautical solutions.



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