Maestrale, the wind of design in Scandola’s night collection Maestrale, the wind of design in Scandola’s night collection

Maestrale, the wind of design in Scandola’s night collection

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09 June 2017

It bears the name of the wind that blows from the northwest, praised by poets and feared by sailors, but from now on will be loved by those who are in search of a good night's rest. In fact, Maestrale Notte (which means the Night Mistral) is the new collection proposed by Scandola, a company that makes furniture in solid pine for the entire house and enriches its offer for the bedroom. 

Maestrale stands out for its dry and linear shapes, and great space is reserved for double beds that are fit for all types of environments, from the most innovative to the traditional holiday house bedrooms. 

The Fada bed has a rectangular headboard with an embossed frame. This front is also used for the nightstands and dressers. The four solid wood horizontal axes of the Plana bed are inserted at floor level and serve as support for replacing the bedside table. The axes then proceed rotated at a 90° angle to form the headboard. 

The Barrique bed is unique. The vertical slats, which are positioned at different heights and slightly tilted backward, create a dynamic design. The Plissé upholstered bed is more refined and delicate and is available in the small double or single version. 

The handles of the nightstands, dressers and drawer chests disappear, and the grip for opening the drawers is placed laterally. One example of this is the Quadra drawer chest, where the 45° angle milling of the drawer profiles, the top and bottom panel create a type of frame on the sides.

There is also a large assortment for modular wardrobes made to the centimetre with the Nora or Mia doors. These can be customised with a base, frame or large sides as well as with numerous accessories so that clothes, shoes, and bags can be perfectly placed inside. 

There are two new finishes, one is the “evaporated” solid pine, able to give a softer look to the texture of the wood, and eco-cement, suitable for those looking for a brighter contrast between tradition and innovation. 

So, these are new beds, bedside tables, drawers and wardrobes designed for those who appreciate contemporary design but, at the same time, do not want to forego traditional materials and processing.

Once again, these items show that Scandola has a solid knowledge of the materials and excellent skills to define its product in various ways to create new moods while maintaining its recognisable style.


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