Matteo Nunziati, an all-Italian passion for the project Matteo Nunziati, an all-Italian passion for the project

Matteo Nunziati, an all-Italian passion for the project

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18 September 2017

Passion, competence and internationality.

We can use these three simple concepts to define the activities carried out by the firm owned by Matteo Nunziati, consisting of a selected number of world-class architects, engineers and interior designers capable of transmitting an original Italian passion at every level of the project.

A skill that over time has been able to label each project as unique and exclusive, adding a non-indifferent aesthetic and technical value. All the qualities that over time, especially since 2000, when Nunziati opened his studio in Milan, has led him to become one of the world's leaders in the design of interiors, architecture, and products. 

His numerous collaborations include a parterre filled with Italian companies as well as international clients including the Trump Organization.

We were able to have a chat with Matteo on his work and future projects.


In 2017, how is the concept of space in the architecture world conceived?

I believe that the concept, especially of Italian design, is a question of lifestyle. Design and architecture firms, in some way, contaminate all parts of the project. From the spoon to the town. We are starting to understand that abroad there is a strong sense of specialisation, however, in Italy, there is a continuous contamination between inside and outside. In fact, our firm does everything. This is a fascinating communication concept for Italian design.

A similar case can also be made about the made in Italy. The design piece lives in a context, in a communication. This creates a lifestyle and a beauty of life that is still striking and unique”.


The variety of your projects reveals an ability to mold all conditions and circumstances. What do you keep in mind? 

“I think that the crucial aspect is to start from the people and their needs. We need to identify ourselves with the individual who has to live in these spaces. This transposition of ourselves into another person helps us see the project from another standpoint. Certainly, there is attention to functional problems, but also the desire to preserve and exalt a sense of beauty. Therefore, we do not concentrate only on the practical needs, we also think about the aesthetics. It is a relatively transversal approach, and this sense of transposition is crucial”.




To what project are you more attached?

“The next project. I always have a sense of dissatisfaction with my projects. Our attention to detail is almost maniacal, but there is always a sense of dissatisfaction. I am always concentrating on and thinking about how I could improve. This is like a spring that pushes me to do everything, beyond the cover, money and personal satisfaction. It is a basic thing”.


What projects do you have for the future?

“In September-October, we will inaugurate the Fraser Suites hotel in Qatar; it is the largest 5-star hotel in terms of rooms in Qatar. It is a large project implemented with Italian companies. It is interesting because there is an active fusion between the Italian and local culture. We are also working on two new and significant projects with the Trump Organization. It is a project of four towers in Delhi and Kolkata, India. On the other hand, in Qatar, we are working with Qatar Airways on a residential tower. We are also working on private villas and projects that are more related to the residential world.

The product design is a path that goes on every year. Today we have a continuous relationship with companies”.



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