Tell the world about Made in Italy: Matrix4Design goes global Tell the world about Made in Italy: Matrix4Design goes global

Tell the world about Made in Italy: Matrix4Design goes global

Written by Redazione |

04 July 2017

In a world that becomes more global every day the task of sorting out the trends, proposals, oscillations and demands of a magmatic and frantically changing market is a challenge not to be underestimated. 

A challenge that Matrix4Design decided to accept because if creativity and innovation intertwine (and get lost) in the vortex of an unstable economy and a whirling production reality, it is also true that in the recent years what seemed an exciting possibility has now become certainty: in the world there is a strong and constantly growing demand for Italy, a desire to get in contact with the values of “Italianness” represented by an object, a gourmet dish, a lifestyle. 

Hence, Matrix4Design takes the field to promote Italy on the international scale, presenting to the widest public the authentic concept of Made in Italy by means of stories and projects of architects, designers and companies, to which a special “Brandsector of the site is dedicated. All of them share the awareness of the fact that a combination of quality, aesthetics and efficiency is always the winning card of the real Italian style. 

So comes the idea to amplify the potentiality of the online magazine: in addition to the space reserved for brands, a new section, completely in English, is created in order to transform the site into an excellence window for the international coverage of Italian innovation. Maximum attention is paid to the brand awareness concept, in particular to storytelling dynamics. 

The purpose is to reach the European audience of operators working in the segment, including about 15,000 architects and interior designers, in the most complete and efficient manner. It is planned to extend the range also to extra-European markets, first of all Asia, Russia and Middle East.

Today, as never before, big stories belong mainly to who knows how to tell them and the aim of Matrix4Design is just one: to add value to the Made in Italy story, a story made of research, work and beauty, a story of creativity and life that grows and is worthy of being told every day, with the same inexhaustible passion.

Such a passion also emerges from the words of the head editor Andrea Boni, who commented the news like this: 

The M4D internationalization is the second step of the development plan devised for our magazine, we have observed the scheduled timeframes and objectives.

In this new phase, we will be able to meet and anticipate the needs of companies during their value enhancement, promotion and Brand Awareness activity in the European Union countries and in future in large emerging economies.

We will continue attaching much importance to our content, focusing on the emotional efficiency of case histories, from Native Advertising to Branded Content. We would like to support Italian companies in their Brand Awareness strategies and customer loyalty management, while b2b communication is mainly meant for international interior designers and architects. 

We will be the voice of Italian excellence operators working in the design sector: small, medium and large companies whose high quality handcraft production excites the whole world's envy.


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