The outdoors and challenges of the future: an interview with the designer Marco Acerbis The outdoors and challenges of the future: an interview with the designer Marco Acerbis

The outdoors and challenges of the future: an interview with the designer Marco Acerbis

Written by Giulia Guerra |

30 May 2017

Always move the limit line a bit farther, never stop raising the bar. Determination and vision are the most striking qualities of Marco Acerbis. Born in 1973, he is now the top designer of the Talenti brand, for which he has designed the Eden, Cleo and Milo collections, but he is also the author of the new item that marked the brand's presence at the very recent Salone del Mobile of Milan: the Soho sofa. Soho was designed for outdoors and is characterised by classical forms enlivened by some new textures, rope, and wood. Marco Acerbis is as multifaceted as his career. After graduating from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan, he went to London to work for Foster & Partners, followed by the return to Italy in 2004 and the opening of his design studio. Marco Acerbis is accustomed to expanding in all fields of creation, from architecture to interior design, from furniture to lighting (his iconic Vertigo lamp, designed for Fontana Arte and now on display in the permanent collection of the Vitra design Museum). We asked him some questions, and here is what he answered.

 Let’s start from your experience as a designer for the Talenti brand. What values distinguish your products and make them unique in the eyes of your clients?

“We always look for pure and elegant lines that are not slave to the trends of the moment. We look for a contemporaneity that is rooted in time and the future, and that responds to the present.”


You presented your newest item, Soho, this year at the Salone del Mobile. What can you tell us about this project?

“I wanted something expressive and natural that played on the tension between the materials, and that was reminiscent of nautical details. Wood and rope intertwine and freshly play with colours while giving great functionality to the product.”

According to you, what are the latest trends in terms of outdoor design? How are they interpreted in the Talenti range of products?

“The outdoor is developing in a very mature market able to accommodate any type of customer with models, finishes and colours. It is running the risk of entering a phase of redundancy and reduced innovation. With Talenti, I always try to move the flag and propose a design that is new and different without looking too much at trends or what others are doing.”


What result are you particularly proud of?

 “As soon as I reach a goal, I immediately think of the next; so, I really don’t know how to answer.”


What are your projects for the future?

“An instrument that can control the energy consumption within a house, but I can’t reveal any more for the time being, it is top secret.”


Maminicuisine, the micro kitchen adapted to every need


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