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Cambria Hotel, Anidride Design celebrates Nashville’s identity



Country music and distillery: it’s what you think when you think about Nashville, the iconic American city known for its expansive country music culture, natural attractions like Tennessee Falls, colorful streets and signature graffiti that define pop culture.

The new Cambria Hotel in Midtown will open its doors in spring 2023 in Nashville: architect Nicola De Pellegrini from Anidride Design in collaboration with Graniti Vicentia designed the interiors combining the principles of sustainability with a design perfectly integrated with the context.

On the ground floor there is a large lobby, elegant and modern, furnished with bold colors and tones, followed by various lounge areas, a bar and a reception with a strong visual impact, a meeting room and a multipurpose area.

A certainly distinctive element of this project is the panoramic terrace with a bar and restaurant open to the public, which offers a magical view of the city through the large windows that also let in natural light during the day.

Nicola De Pellegrini explains:

We conceptualized the essence of the Nashville lifestyle by defining an elegant and refined atmosphere that is dark and intimate. The use of warm tones and blue as an accent color, combined with woods, metals, and the material effects of porcelain stoneware, make the environment refined but at the same time lively and dynamic. Soft velvets and unexpected lights give an image of contemporary and high-level hospitality.”

Cambria Hotel includes 159 rooms with a refined and elegant design, suitable for leisure and business stays. All the interior furnishings have been custom-designed by the architect taking inspiration from the distinguishing elements of Nashville. De Pellegrini says:

We conceptualized the essence of these aspects in the design of the common spaces, incorporating graphics and color accents with artwork, mosaics, and fabrics. The combination of these elements with elegant materials such as wood, bronze metal, and stoneware create an interesting mix of trendy and rustic atmospheres that can be appreciated by customers of different types.”