Sovereign House, Anidride Design’s green villa in Houston

February 22, 2022

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Sovereign House, Anidride Design’s green villa in Houston


Quality, sustainability, contemporary uniqueness. Focusing on these values, architect and designer Nicola De Pellegrini, who founded Anidride Design studio, designed Sovereign House, a residential project located in an exclusive Houston neighborhood on a plot of 7000 square meters.

The structure, on three floors, includes 5 bedrooms and is generated by the intersection of simple and pure volumes, following the principles of sustainable architecture both as the technological and plant engineering choices, and the interior design and the selection of materials.

The insulated ventilated facade contributes considerably to the reduction of energy consumption and therefore of emissions; the large glass windows are made with high-performance frame and low-emission glass, while the north-south orientation of the building is ideal for promoting thermal mass.

The surrounding vegetation includes plants that facilitate the entry of light and heat to the north and that shade the south front. Furthermore, the photovoltaic panels are placed on the entire flat roof.

The ground floor is divided into two parts by a large double-height living room with an open kitchen and dining area. In the west wing there is the master bedroom with an exclusive bathroom, totally facing the large outdoor swimming pool. In the east wing, on the other hand, there is the garage, the game room and the service areas. The first floor is dedicated to the 4 family bedrooms, while the second floor houses a large office for the owner with an adjacent sauna that opens to the south towards the terrace.

A system of glazed openings completely connects the outside with the inside, creating a visually connected space; in addition, the windows allow complete natural and passive ventilation.

The spectacular outdoor area with relaxation area, swimming pool, barbecue area, is thought of as a real extension of the interior, in terms of furniture and finishes, in order to generate a coherent and comfortable impact.