Villa RA, the house that looks at Mediterranean landscape

September 19, 2019

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Villa RA, the house that looks at Mediterranean landscape

A house designed to create a total continuity between landscape and architecture, a new approach to dwelling conceived to enhance the Mediterranean beauty of Calabria (Italy).

Italian architecture studio MORQ has created the transforming Villa RA to celebrate the day in response to sun and land, revealing movement through shadows and ever changing material nuances, despite of the general monochromy. 

The compact structure is punctuated by openings which frame the landscape and generate a dialogue with its natural context, while the style of the house takes inspiration from the tradition of the Italian villa and the material tones of the land on which it is sited.

 The complex consists of a solid volume and is based on an homogenous architecture of cocciopesto, a type of plaster which chromatically blend with the soil; in addition, the framed openings further serve to facilitate cross-ventilation along the axis of the house, while the thermal mass of the thick walls mitigates the passing of hot days and cool nights; finally, deep openings prevent an overexposure to the direct sun.

A Mediterranean house, ancient and modern at the same time.

Images Courtesy of MORQ.