Italian Bathroom Design


AeT Italia is a young, dynamic and authentic company that, in few years, stood as worldwide leader in coloured and decorated sanitary ware.

With a range of over 50 different solutions of products customisation, AeT Italia expresses continuously the main elements that let the small family company to become a reference point for innovative products along with ceramic bathroom fittings design solutions.


The “AeT Italia” brand is synonymous of quality, design and innovation. In a few years, the Company has known how to convert its own Know-how in the ceramic field and become a worldwide entity. The continuous processes of renovation and development allowed to reach positive approvals from the market and consolidate a guideline which has always determined the core business of our company: high quality, new shapes and maximum flexibility to distinguish itself with a high-level product that cannot be standardized.


Against the current outsourcing trend, the company is 100% Made in Italy, even better, “Made in AeT Italia”.  Each production step is performed in the main facility, located in Nove (VI), or in the nearby laboratories. Not only the production, but also design, research and development of new solutions and products are the result of our team daily job. Every year, we surprise the market with original and functional proposals.


AeT Italia has always been characterized by its wide range of finishing and decors that customize each product. A handmade detail care and an accurate choice of colours represent only two of the key factors which led to the success that the company gets all over the world for years.


AeT offers the widest range of colours, decors and precious finishes existing in the ceramic sanitaryware market. More than 80 different variants to customize your product.

AeT Italia AROUND THE WORLD: adapting our models to each market

Thanks to a wide range of products and finishes, AeT Italia can adapt its own models to every kind of market. Distributed in more than 40 countries (for example France, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Lebanon, Israel, U.S.A., Canada, India), the brand “AeT Italia” is known for its high aesthetic and qualitative value.

The secret of the worldwide success is understanding and supporting each Country trend and culture. We intend to create a mix that, from one side launches modern lines with a fine and pleasant design, and, from the other side, proposes customized finishes and decors which make the product special and personalized.