Ceramica di Vietri Francesco De Maio

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Ceramica di Vietri Francesco De Maio

A ceramic history, a family history.

Vietri sul Mare is a small ancient village of artists located at the entrance of the wonderful Amalfi Coast. It is surrounded by the prevalence of the green colour of the coast and the blue colour of the sea.  Since 1400, Vietri has been known for the production of the ancient ceramic art.

Here is where the Ceramica di Vietri by Francesco De Maio was born, in 1963, heir of this ancient tradition, which is still handing on the cultural, artistic and craft heritage of Vietri ceramics. It is here that, guided by their passion and professionalism, the master decorators of the Ceramica Francesco De Maio still create hand-painted majolica tiles that reinterpret the historical memory, innovating and creatively redesigning the ceramic according to new tastes and trends.

More than six centuries of history of ceramics, history of passion for the decorations of Vietri culture, of love for the handmade production, but also a family history, the history of the De Maio-Cassetta family that today, as then, feeds this ancient art.

The handicraft wisdom and the industrial culture are melt together with the sharing of values of the handmade ceramic tradition. Ceramic tiles become the ideal solution for cosy and wraparound environments, which are made even more precious by a perfect chromatic equilibrium. The decors of Ceramica Francesco De Maio are dressed with Byzantine, Arabic, Baroque and Renaissance ancient motifs, becoming modern and suitable to furnish walls and floors. Moreover, the use of refined glazed makes them long lasting. The ceramic tiles turn into furniture through an explosion of compositions. Classical and modern decors reinterpreted in multiple chromatic nuances to obtain a fascinating and intriguing result, which gives a different taste to the classical floral patterns, making them contemporary.

The warmth of a totally handmade production shows all its versatility up to be custom made in different projects. The decorations are all still handmade on the Bianco Vietri glaze when the object is still unfired, thus underlining the inestimable value given to the final piece by the human touch.

A real sample Made in Italy, not only for the reference to the artisan quality, but also for the Italian history behind this project. Handmade majolica tiles which are the expression of the Italian history, each of them having a story to tell. Each majolica is unique, a work of art.