Nova Elevators

We Elevate with Style

The partner of architects and designers for vertical lifting solutions.

When details make the difference.

Since 1992, NOVA Elevators designs and manufactures the Suite® homelifts for indoor and outdoor use for the removal of architectural barriers in private or public contexts, retail, hospitality and healthcare, focusing in particular on the high-end residential segment (villas, historic homes, penthouses) and luxury furnishings.

The mission

Elevate with Style“: every day we research and design lifting solutions to satisfy our customers, improving not only their quality of life, but also the aesthetics and value of their home, towards the achievement of an elegant residential comfort, lasting over time.

NOVA Elevators combines the needs of vertical mobility with an elegant, refined and customizable design and aesthetics: the Suite® homelifts are real interior design objects, designed and produced in Italy, which can be elegantly inserted into any architectural context.

The history

NOVA Elevators was founded in 1992 in the province of Bologna, in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley.

Boasting the same passion for stylistic trends and the search for refined materials of the Italian excellence in the automotive sector, today the company exports the “Made in Italy” brand and the Suite® homelifts to 30 countries around the world, with a leadership position on the German and Australian markets.

The products

The complete range of vertical lifting products consists of:

  • NOVA Suite®, the lift for the home that offers a variety of aesthetic finishes and customizations to achieve comfort inside the cabin, modelling itself on the design of the environment in which it is installed;
  • NOVA Giotto®, the refined and elegant circular elevator, with a high emotional and aesthetic impact, perfect if installed inside a circular staircase or in an airy open-space;
  • NOVA Grand Suite®, the lifting platform that combines design with bulky-load lifting, with a wide range of aesthetic customizations;
  • NOVA Incas®: the metal structures for Suite® homelifts, which can be installed inside or outside, with a high visual impact or perfectly camouflaged with the surrounding environment, they combine performance and beauty.