Diva by Borzalino, the armchair for the season that everyone wants

June 12, 2020

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Diva by Borzalino, the armchair for the season that everyone wants


There is no doubt that each time of the year influences our mood and the way we look at things around us: fortunately, there are complements that easily embrace the concept of the succession of seasons.

Everything that has a “removable fabric”, for example, already innately offers the opportunity to change the aesthetics any time: this kind of object, whether it is a sofa or an armchair, if equipped with removable textile to meet the necessity to easily wash it, consequently satisfies every personal desire to change the complement look according to the season.

An example is Diva by Borzalino, the armchair designed by Carlo Bimbi and characterised by the original and decorative lines of Art Deco with a wraparound backrest, creatively shaped like a shell; it offers an incredible variety of upholsteries, harmoniously combined with each other and capable of interpreting the seasons without having any type of modification: fabrics, colours, floral patterns that find their own perfect space-time placing in any moment of the year.

A design oriented object that does not lend itself to the change of season but which is capable of enclosing the seasons that everyone wants.