Pure BioAir, the new OLEV light sanitises interiors

September 2, 2020

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Pure BioAir, the new OLEV light sanitises interiors


A lamp can sanitises interiors?

Yes, it can. It is Pure BioAir, the lamp by OLEV that combines light and hygiene and exploits the bactericidal power of UV-C light, which is very effective in counteracting the spread of viruses, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, unlike common germicidal lamps, OLEV’s Pure BioAir has been designed to completely conceal the UV-C source and offer the maximum degree of protection: Pure BioAir channels air within its body, filtering it through an integrated UV-C light source hidden inside the light’s housing; the light is thus hidden from view and occupants are completely shielded from it.

The strength of the technology employed enables it to achieve a level of germicidal efficiency equal to 79% – this means that over an 8-hour period, Pure BioAir can filter all the air within a 30-cubic-metre office.

Also the surface treatment used has been carefully studied: the paint is protected by a transparent anti-bacterial film based on microencapsulated silver ions, providing effective protection against 99.99% of germs and bacteria.

The lamp produces a beam of LED light aimed downwards and can be supplied with ultra-dark lamellar screens that eliminate glare from any direction you look at it, guaranteeing a UGR (Unified Glare Rating, the measure of glare from light sources) of less than 19.

With its essential lines it fits perfectly into community settings and is designed, in particular, for offices and workplaces, as it illuminates workstations ensuring enhanced visual comfort for computer users.

Finally, to enhance the sanitising action and achieve optimal air quality, Pure BioAir can be supplied with a green kit comprising Tillandsia, a special ‘smog-eating’ plant that absorbs polluting particles: it’s totally autonomous, requires no care, doesn’t grow in soil, and gets all the nutrients it needs exclusively from the moisture in the surrounding environment.