L&L Luce&Light lights up Corte Bertesina in Vicenza L&L Luce&Light lights up Corte Bertesina in Vicenza

L&L Luce&Light lights up Corte Bertesina in Vicenza

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15 December 2017

Corte Bertesina is an organic farm located a few kilometres outside Vicenza that underwent a redevelopment project carried out by the architecture firm Traverso-Vighy Architetti, which has restored and transformed the original structure of this typical nineteenth-century Venetian farm courtyard. 

The development of a social farming project, which started in 2010 to offer job opportunities to young people with Down syndrome, has led to the complex restoration of Corte Bertesina and the creation of entirely new spaces for production, sales, teaching and agritourism activities, which sit alongside the owners’ private quarters. 

The farm actual layout is the result of a careful integration between the existing buildings and the new structures, using traditional building techniques and new construction technologies, which coexist in a complex yet harmonious project, 100% sustainable and deeply rooted in the territory. 

Both natural and artificial light sources play a key role in the Corte Bertesina project, through a study of the solar irradiation received by the buildings that focused on energy saving, light-pollution control and the occupants’ wellbeing. 

L&L Luce&Light, an international company having its headquarters in Vicenza, specialised in the production of sophisticated lighting fixtures using LED technology, was chosen for the lighting planning. 

In particular, the L&L products installed to ensure an efficient LED lighting system are Neva, Beam, River Wall, Trevi and Stra, used both indoor and outdoor. 

As far as indoor lighting systems are concerned, they are integrated into the architectural structures to create a kind of lighting as natural as possible: Neva 2.0 linear profiles, bracket mounted on the structural beams, light the shingles on the roof with a wash that creates a unique decorative effect, while the same LEDs (Neva 1.1) are installed indoors, in the private quarters, where white opaque anti-glare shields hide the linear profile, letting a visible line of light enhance the modular panelling. 

Another internal application has been developed by the studio, completely recessed in the niches to light up their depths without distracting from the view on the external nature surrounding the Corte. 

The profiles have been further applied externally, directed towards the ground, to illuminate the entry ramp and the path leading to the garage. The garage is lit up by a series of River Wall LED bars, bracket mounted to the cavity to ensure a kind of light that washes over the walls providing a striking optical effect. Beam 2.0, a walkover recessed fixture with a ground-skimming light, picks out the driveway entrance, while respecting the night-time darkness of a typical rural environment. 

The use of Stra is innovative: a recessed uplight normally employed outdoor, here used indoor to create an elliptical light pattern on the ceiling. 

Finally, Trevi, the linear profile for outdoor and underwater applications, has been integrated into the pool of water in the courtyard to enhance the long wall of local stone and the ‘window’ it offers on the wood behind. 

Marco Celsan, CEO of the company he founded 10 years ago, says: 
The lighting project of the Corte has been carried out by focusing on both the aesthetic and functional aspects of light. L&L Luce & Light products have been chosen for this building because they provide significant energy saving while projecting uniform light on the surfaces. We used linear products and recessed bodies with special optics, hidden from sight - as requested by the designers – that produce “comfortable” light. Our LED products are perfect for this type of applications in architecture, ensuring energy saving at the same time."


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