The new Carattere kitchen by Scavolini

December 20, 2017

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The new Carattere kitchen by Scavolini

From now on, the expression “to have character” will be used not only to describe someone’s personality, but also to define a concrete reality.

Carattere (character in English) is in fact the name of the new Scavolini project, characterised by a high aesthetic level in which beauty, class and design combine to enhance every kitchen, creating a rigid but refined model of elegance. Thanks to its international appeal, it manages to attract those who love essential lines, without losing an inch of refinement and functionality.

The frame door is the signature of this new collection, an element that brings together classical proportions and contemporary shapes. 

This model is available in two versions: a more traditional version with a new handle that emphasises the size of the frame and becomes an elegant graphic feature, and a version with the handle grip integrated into the door, which constitutes a great architectural innovation, capable of amplifying the pure essence of the model. 

The frame door is available in matt lacquered finish and in a wide range of colours, such as Prestige White, Dove Grey and Iron Grey, and in five new veneered finishes, among which the very delicate Cotton Ash and the amber Ashes Ash

The model includes also plain doors, proposed in the same colours, which allow creating even more versatile mixes. Plain doors are also available in the walnut veneered version in three colours. 

A highly modular proposal, able to enhance the style of both small spaces and big spaces by means of several elements of customisation: the large hood that can be aligned with the new cabinets, the steel shelves supported by tie rods fixed to the ceiling or the wall, as well as the illuminated magnetic backsplashes made of glass and the Switch cupboard, ideal to organise spaces in an extremely functional way. 

Among the different tops proposed, the innovative Gres Avenue Amber with sink space and cooktop is the perfect mix between elegance and innovation. Light too is also important, as it is available both inside cabinets and tall units and in the backsplash between base units and shelves, to help define spaces more effectively. 

Only for kitchens with a true “character”.