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86+73, the color architecture by Alberonero in Sicily


On the Western coast of Sicily, the cultural park Periferica in Mazara del Vallo is the result of a long process of redevelopment in a disused area, today activated thanks to workshops, festivals and cultural events.

There, the artist and designer Alberonero has designed 86+73, his latest public work created in collaboration with Viavai Project and Linvea: a sort of painting projected onto a built space which aims to generate a dichotomy of perception in the viewers and reduce the relationship between man and space to chromatic sensation.

159 tones of different colours spread throughout the floors, the walls and the roofs dominated by absolute white, while the three dimensional surface is neutralized with the use of the square in a combination of colour and geometry.

In conclusion, through the reduction of elements with minimal forms, the project investigates the deep interaction between architecture and emotion.