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Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel for the new Taipei Sky Tower


A green, bamboo-shaped skyscraper. This is the project which will change the Taipei skyline over the next few years: it has been designed by the Italian multi-disciplinary design practise founded by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel

The new Taipei Sky Tower will reach a height of 280 metres and will house two luxury hotels; it will be characterised by curved edges, angled tip and a grooved green glass facade, which visually recalls not only Chinese bamboo shoots but also the typical columns of ancient Greece. 

The aim is to recreate the effect of the yellow/green light which appears among the leaves of bamboo when the sun passes through, combining the transparency of the material with the pleated profile of the building to obtain a sort of “vegetal skin”. 

The Citterio-Viel studio will also design the interiors for the Park Hyatt Taipei, one of the two luxury hotels which will be hosted in the tower, while the interiors of the other hotel, the Taipei Andaz, will be designed by the Shanghai-based architecture and design practice Neri&Hu. 

The tower will also have a retail podium topped with a pool and will be built in the Xinyi District of Taipei, the shopping and financial district where there are some of the most prestigious urban buildings. 

The building aims to attract both the country’s increasing wealthy elite and the increasing number of international tourists, which is expected to reach 19 million within 2020, when the project will be completed.