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Ares Line and Decima together for the Theatre Auditorium of the ex Cinema Radar


We have to invest in culture and education. This is the reason why the Municipal Authority of Monopoli (Apulia, Italy) commissioned the restoration and change in function project for the theatre/auditorium in the former “Cinema Radar” and Hotel Savoia annex in Monopoli, which is now finally complete. 

The project, whose purpose is to provide the city with a new home for the Nino Rota Conservatory, has included the reconfiguration of the spaces, although without altering the original structure, for a variety of uses: it will be an auditorium for artistic performances and teaching purposes of the Conservatory, but also for use by the local citizens and area, with rooms for teaching, musical performances and music workshops for the local people. 

Collaboration between Ares Line and Decima has turned the theatre/auditorium into a multi-purpose space suited to the various different uses: the installation of the Flexseat model by Decima, combined with the V9.Syncron integrated foldaway seats by Ares Line, allows reconfiguration from a completely empty hall with a flat floor into an auditorium or conference room with seats in just a few minutes. 

Each step of the stage has two Flexseat modules with a variable number of seats, depending on width, and the two modules of each step are separated from the central corridor and the side corridors. 

Moreover, the solid partnership between the two companies has led to engineering of an integrated and highly technical product: the V9.Syncron seats have a synchronised back which is raised when the seat is lowered, a technical detail that has created an extremely compact seat when closed, with a space between rows of 95cm, without penalising the ergonomics of the seat, which is very comfortable. 

Four versions of the V9.Syncron seat have been installed in the hall, chosen according to their position and function: two types with synchronised back (level with the arm-rest when closed) which allow installation on Flexseat in the moveable version for the front rows of the stage, arranged in the orchestra pit, and in the synchronised version for the mobile stage; two types with non-synchronised back (also high when seat is closed) in the version for the differently abled in the central corridor and in the standard version for the stepped floors and gallery. 

In conclusion, this is a project which combines technology with comfort so as to offer new cultural spaces to the local citizenry.