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CaberlonCaroppi, the G Hotel dedicated to Millennials


A Urban Hotel dedicated to Millennials, who look for flexible, functional spaces with fresh and refined style.

Starting from the renovation of the ex-ferrohotel of the city, the new G Hotel in Pescara, designed by CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects, is an eccentric and exclusive building, completely renovated in the wake of a storytelling based on the genius loci, bringing back to life the history and the past of the structure, once a hotel for rail workers. 

At the entrance, fun wallpapers and customized icons help to create an atmosphere that speaks of journeys and trains running fast, while the main desk welcomes the customers with a game of volumes and invites them to enter the relax area, a finely treated space with a vintage taste in which dedicated pieces of design have been carefully inserted. 

Continuing in the bar and breakfast area you will find a table that creates a convivial atmosphere and a co-working area that meets the new needs of increasingly social customers. 

Inside the G Hotel the spaces revolutionize the concept of the traditional hotel and the common areas become real living spaces: a succession of fluid environments that continuously evolve during the day creating a “city in the city”. 

The silhouettes of tourists follow the guests up to the rooms which are personalized by icons and completely revolutionize the classic hotel room giving the utmost importance to bed and rest: comfortable King and Queen Size beds, soundproofing, total darkening and large bathrooms with extra-large showers with rainforest. 

Consequently, the entire room is designed to improve the comfort and ease of movements; the open wardrobe and the study of furnishings make the space extremely usable and allow a quick and easy cleaning. 

In addition, the combination of matt and glossy surfaces gives brightness and a precious touch to the furnishings, where the attention to detail emphasizes the materials and colors, from wood to the textures chosen for the fabrics, from the colors of iron to the shades of green and beige. 

In conclusion, the G Hotel becomes a trendy city hotel where luxury and functionality blend perfectly, also thanks to the excellent supply of selected Italian companies, such as Merli Arredamenti Sommier Dorelan (room and common areas carpentry), Newform (bathroom fittings), Moduleo (room pvc flooring), Inkiostro bianco (wall coverings), Brocanelli (bathrooms), Atlas Concorde (coverings), Studio Marco Piva (common areas metal furnishing) and many others.