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Casa Gianìn, Clinicaurbana redesigns Alpine architecture


An act of “repair work”. According to the Italian architecture studio Clinicaurbana, this is the essence of the restoration of Casa Gianìn in the Zoldo Valley of the Dolomites (Italy): an intervention that combines the aesthethics and the building methods of traditional Alpine constructions with the style of contemporary architecture.

Starting from a larger project involving several rustic buildings in the village of Coi in the Zoldo Valley, the object of the renovation and extension was to create three completely independent residential units

The original stone-built house has been entirely preserved, eliminating all the more recent additions, and restored to its status as a significant village landmark; on the other hand, the newly-built extension is independent both in form and function but reinterprets the established pattern of rural architecture in the valley: a larch-wood structure with lattice-work openings built over a stone substructure.

A new concept of Alpine architecture.