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Donzellini 43, the rebirth of a historical building in Italy


Donzellini 43” is the name of the renovation project of a historical building (600 sqm) in the centre of Orzinuovi, in the province of Brescia: an operation curated by ZDA| Zupelli Design Architettura whose aim is to introduce new architectural qualities in a complex of the late Twentieth Century characterized by a dated and decadent look. 

The compositional fulcrum of the work is the contemporary reinterpretation of the main front, overlooking Via Donzellini: it is clearly outlined according to criteria of cleanliness and order, given by the elegant chromatic contrast chosen to highlight the play of volumes created by the loggias and by the projecting elements. 

The desire to implement a stylistic break in contrast to the curtain of adjacent residential buildings is also fuelled by the choice to recalibrate the existing holes and replace the original parapets with glass elements visually “lighter”.

On the other hand, the interior of the building faithfully follows the linearity of the external elevation, outlining a coherent continuum, while the seven apartments, built on three floors, are configured in three different sizes: two-room, three-room and three-room.

Although the apartments are different in their specific composition, they share the same stylistic imprint in which elegant furnishings, chromatic contrasts and characteristic decorative elements contribute to creating a unique and harmonious atmosphere. 

The project’s fil rouge is completed by the finishes, with attention to detail: from the satin-wall doors to the sky-shore aluminium frames, from the flooring entirely in parquet to the prestigious sanitary wares, each element contributes to the definition of a unique style, but at the same time adaptable to the different needs of the client.

In conclusion “Donzellini 43″ becomes, with all the constraints that a structure already built imposes, a perfect example of reworking a product according to the contemporary vision characteristic of the studio ZDA | Zupelli Design Architecture.