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Giardinetto Hotel, lamatilde redesigns the common areas



Taking inspiration from the natural context and the typical elements of local architecture’s lakeside style, lamatilde has recently redesigned the common areas of the Giardinetto Hotel and Restaurant, on the shores of Lake Orta.

In the Giardinetto architectural project, lamatilde brings to the structure craftsmanship’s deep care for detail, the space’s particular light, and the presence of elements that echo the colors of the surrounding landscape, full of chromatic variations. The blue of the lake and green of the pristine forests stream in through the wide windows, and reverberate in the interiors.

The project focused on the indoor spaces going from the lobby to the cocktail bar, with the goal of making them more fluid, with clearer flows, enhancing the structure’s common areas. The accesses along the wall that separates the two zones were highlighted with portals and introduced by a change in color in the wood paneling, translating into architecture the action of moving through a passage.

While light and luminous colors prevail in the lobby, the cocktail bar is enveloped in a softer atmosphere, with mirrored surfaces and more soothing tones.

The most striking element is the floor, which stands out with the large geometrical motif in Marazzi, marble-effect porcelain stoneware alternating green, white and black. The pattern designed by lamatilde is inspired by the geometric details in classic floors, but gives its own, macro interpretation of them. Starting from the floors, the decor extends to cover part of the walls, adding visual dynamism and complementing the layout of the spaces.

The furniture reflects the green and blue hues of the floor and outdoor landscape: each piece was designed for the hotel with custom upholstery and finishes. Among the companies included in the project, there are Calligaris for the stools, Coco and Quadrotta for the armchairs, Atollo for benches and tables – customized with tops in Marazzi tiles – and Chesterfield for the sofas.

Lighting includes stunning Zero Round pendant lamps by Panzeri, Bombo by MILOOX, tracks with OTY spotlights and Bulb ceiling lights.

The counters – in both the lobby and the bar – are divided in two parts to lighten the visual impact of the decor, while maintaining full functionality.

Plants of different species are added with both a decorative role and to divide spaces, also recalling the name of the hotel (as Giardinetto literally means “small garden” in Italian) and its relationship with the surrounding nature.