Jesolo Lido Beach Villa, the perfect place for your summer holidays

August 6, 2020

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Jesolo Lido Beach Villa, the perfect place for your summer holidays


In Jesolo Lido (Italy), the architecture studio JMA – Jacopo Mascheroni Architecture has recently completed the Jesolo Lido Beach Villa, a multi-unit building set on a beachfront property, designed as a single-storey pavilion above ground with an airy basement level that receives plenty of natural light from the two sunken patios placed on both sides of the building.

The new weekend house (for two families) is divided into two equal portions, in order to give a beachfront living area to both units, and both apartments share the same symmetrical layout, two-bedroom two-bathroom, and are identically furnished.

On the South portion of the property corresponding to the beachside, the 16-meter zero-edge swimming pool set on the central axis of the building extends the independency concept to the outdoor areas; in addition, the water boundary lives in between two symmetrical custom-designed aluminum cabanas, which provide shade from the sun in the hot summer days.

On the Northside of the plot, the white gravel entry courtyard is shaded by existing trees and hosts four car spaces on each side, leaving the central portion open in order to reach the generous main staircase climbing in the landscape.

The pavilion-like structure above ground is organized around a central wall that reaches the South edge of the building and sits in between the two white rectangular platforms of the floor plate and the roof.

To visually extend the size of both living areas, a glass envelope surrounds two sides of the spaces, with sliding glass doors on the Southside to connect the front covered terraces to the indoor area, while a large portion of the building envelope is coated with 5 mm full-height clay tiles on a ventilated façade, to provide the necessary privacy to bedrooms and bathrooms.

The North façade is entirely opaque in order to provide an acoustic boundary from the entry courtyard and the street behind, and the basement level is accessed by a staircase in the North entry terrace, and it contains a wellness area with a gym, sauna, jacuzzi, and cold plunge pool, a large additional kitchen, a laundry room, and guest areas.

The large sunken patios placed on both sides of the basement level and coated with white glass mosaic tiles in order to reflect as much light as possible, grant a private outdoor area to all spaces below.

Finally, the villa reaches high levels of energy efficiency with the high-performance building envelope and the photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof of the cabanas which grant power to all electrical heating and cooling systems.

And Jesolo Lido Beach Villa becomes the perfect place to enjoy your summer holidays.