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New Buildings 2022: Matrix4Design and URBAN Photo Awards unveil Top 30 photos



The 30 photographs that enter the final phase attracted my attention for their ability to translate the language of architecture into the codes of photography, amplifying their emotional impact. Each architectural work is enhanced by the perspective of the beholder, thanks to shots that enhance lines, colors and shapes. The photographer thus provides an authentic interpretation of the building, as valid as that of the architect who built it.

Andrea Boni, juror of URBAN Photo Awards and founder of Matrix4Design magazine, explained the criteria to select the shortlist of 30 photographs out of 145 submitted for the New Buildings 2022 Special Prize.

The prize, born from the collaboration between Matrix4Design and URBAN Photo Awards and promoted for the second year in a row, aims to celebrate the icons of architecture that have changed the face of cities over the last years: extraordinary buildings, conceived and created by great architects, portrayed in outstanding photographs.

In September ten finalist images will be announced; in October, they will be on display in Milan, Italy, and the exhibition will be part of Milano Photofestival and Photo Days Tour 2022 calendar, a series of events taking place outside the city during the Trieste Photo Days festival.

In October we will announce the winning photo, which will be displayed and awarded in Trieste at the Winners’ exhibition of URBAN Photo Awards (end of October, during the Trieste Photo Days).

The author of the winning shot will give an exclusive interview to Matrix4Design, will receive an Amazon voucher of € 300 and will be hosted for 2 nights in Trieste during the Trieste Photo Days, to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Waiting for the best architectural photograph of the year, below is the gallery of the 30 best photographs selected for the shortlist.