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SanMarco-Terreal Italia acquires PICA


For SanMarco-Terreal Italia, the Italian branch of the multinational corporation Terreal, world leader in the manufacture and sale of terracotta products, the new year has started with an important change: the acquisition of PICA, a long-established company producing bricks and tiles in Pesaro. 

This is an essential operation to strengthen the position of the company in the manufacturing sector of terracotta cladding systems for buildings, both in Italy and abroad.

Moreover, the acquisition of PICA is in line with SanMarco’s growth strategy, whose aim is enriching its offer of extruded products for claddings and tiles to strengthen its commercial position in the centre and south of Italy, but also on the foreign market.

As PICA, in its production site in Pesaro and its showroom/warehouse in Rome, manufactures and sells extruded and moulded bricks for roofs, façades and floors, its acquisition has enriched the variety and quality of the products offered by Terreal.

Plus, this operation will also generate a turnover of approx. 10 million Euro in 2018, employing about 60 full-time workers.

These are the words of Fernando Cuogo, General Manager of SanMarco-Terreal Italia:

The brick industry in Italy won’t ever go back to how it was ten years ago; it is thus necessary to consolidate and rationalise the offer. The acquisition of Pica meets this need through a well-known brand that has already become part of SanMarco-Terreal, allowing us to increase and balance our presence on the national territory while strengthening it on the international markets”.

The (business) adventure continues.