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Settanta7’s new Primary School looks like a whale



In Brugnera, in the province of Pordenone (Italy), architectural firm Settanta7 designed the expansion of the N.Sauro Primary School to create a school architecture that becomes a new centrality for the local community as the first chapter of a larger project.

The project involves the demolition of the head of the school compartment, located to the south, and the subsequent construction of a new building in the northern part, directly connected on both floors to the existing building

Imagined as a large cetacean, the school shows two levels above ground housing 8 classrooms, a canteen, a teachers’ room and a multifunctional connective area with spaces dedicated to socializing and individual study.

Starting from the outline of the existing school, the plan develops towards the north, with classrooms arranged along the east side of the building and the canteen on the west side; the connective space represents – with the service block and the stairs – the functional heart of the building. The hall becomes the distribution hub between the school block and the existing buildings, which can be accessed from the same compass.

The project has been conceived of eco-compatible, resistant and insulating materials and able to guarantee high performance. The sinuous shapes recall of a whale, whose reference as design inspiration is emphasized by the teal color of the facade and roof cladding.

The load-bearing structure is made of X-LAM panels and a roof made of laminated wood beams: quick to assemble, sustainable and light. The foundations are made up of inverted reinforced concrete beams; the floors are made of laminated wood.