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The Mirror Tower by Grassi Pietre at Marmomac


This year again Grassi Pietre will be present at Marmomac 2018 (Verona, 26th-29th September) and the occasion will be the exhibition Architetture per l’acqua, located at The Italian Stone Theatre, the pavilion designated to the Italian stone excellence which will host a series of events linked to the concept Water and Stone

In fact, the Stone and the Water is the name of the project designed in collaboration with A.c.M.e. Studio, which has chosen the Pietra di Vicenza in its Giallo Dorato version: the installation is a rock split emerging from the water and the stone stands out monumentally as prismatic stems with a vertical profile till 5 meters height creating lytic faceting on the surface.

The result is a Mirror Tower (the dimensions are about 3 x 3m and 5.5h) with geometrical and precise rhythm which reflexes itself in the water in a multiplication of images.

The architect Moreno Zurlo (A.c.M.e. Studio) explains:

The Pietra di Vicenza finds in the water its original element: shells, corals and algae run to the mountains 40 million years ago, and the particular texture of Pietra di Vicenza tells this story with the unique remembrance of the fossils. Now, with this installation, from the high of their firm dwells, the ancient inhabitants of the sea go back to mirror in the water.

Finally, Grassi Pietre will also be attend Marmomac 2018 Hall 6 Booth C2.