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The new Bondeno Sports and Cultural Centre is designed by Mario Cucinella


Thanks to its unlimited creative and entrepreneurial resources, Emilia began its rebirth immediately after the 2012 earthquake. 

A symbol of this process is the Sports and Cultural Centre in Bondeno (Ferrara), one of the five public works designed by the Studio Mario Cucinella Architects, which has recently been inaugurated and built with the money coming from the Solidarity Fund for post-earthquake reconstruction. 

Bondeno social life will have a new beginning with this multipurpose facility, which will host sports, leisure and cultural activities and integrate the service network offered by the Municipality, acting as a new recreational and educational social centre. 

Located near the city centre, the complex is composed of two cylindrical buildings, each one with different functions, inspired by the typical shapes of the local rural landscape, such as the silhouettes of silos and hay bales. 

Schüco Italia, an international company manufacturing window, door and façade systems, has also contributed to the project by designing the characteristic enclosure system, i.e. an elegant and efficient façade on timber.

The facility is thus perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment, which has been severely hit but is now ready to start all over, stronger than ever.