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The new headquarters of Ethica Group in Milan



Ethica Group, one of the world’s leading companies in the sphere of extraordinary finance transactions, chose Progetto Design & Build for the construction of its new Milan offices based on the Group’s values of reliability and solidity.

First of all, the ground floor entrance hall has a representative tone that defines the space in its first place. The architectural intervention made use of a very functional back office behind the reception desk, along with a few scenic elements that dialogue well with each other and create an enjoyable “surprise” effect.

In fact, the solid wood paneling with a modular 3D effect on the front wall at the entrance dialogues with the wooden slats that serve both as a backdrop for the counter and a ceiling cover; the concrete-effect floor contrasts with the green wall in front of the paneling; all these details contribute to making this space unusual, but representative.

Materials, light, and furnishings combine to create a solid, reliable, and professional atmosphere in the main boardroom, which uses the same criteria of solidity, reliability and professionalism. Herringbone wood flooring and a large blue back wall, which is representative of the company’s color, soften this institutional environment, but provide it with a touch of professionalism as well.

Financial and investment operations require a private working environment, so floors 1 and 2 are designed with enclosed offices. A skillful alternation of solid color fields, wood slats and natural green walls neutralizes the “corridor” effect that is often created by enclosed offices. These elements not only serve as a constant reminder of the ground floor elements, but also add a unique dynamic to the whole design.

The third and top floors will also accommodate clients and outsiders. It presents particular geometries due to the pitched roof with skylights in the attic. By intervening with paint inside the hoods, the interior design enhanced the geometry of the structure and given it unexpected depth.

This space includes various sized meeting rooms and an exclusive lounge for informal lingering when entering or leaving. Warm, diffused lighting and comfortable alcantara-upholstered furniture in a deep red color lend a feeling of prestige and luxury to the area.

Ethica Group’s new offices represent a cohesive, positive corporate culture: employees find in their workplace a reference point for sharing ideas, sharing values, and encouraging innovation and creativity by using open spaces, natural light, relaxation areas and refined details.