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The restoration of a old house in Sicily by Analogique


In Sicily the light of the sun has something magic: it vividly enlights the stunning landscape and enhances the beauty of nature, dominated by the presence of olive trees, citrus and prickly pears.

In this unique context the architecture studio Analogique restored an old house in the countryside in the surroundings of Siracusa: the house has become a contemporary hosting structure named Zahara and immersed in a typical Sicilian garden. 

Now the two-storey building presents interiors renovated: on the first floor there are three rooms with independent services, a central living space and a kitchen while the fourth room is located in the tower on top of the house.

Traditional high vaulted ceilings, painted white, characterise the monumental building and, on the contrary, each of the bedrooms has been painted with a different coloured pigment, except for the surface of the vaults.

Finally, the furniture is custom-made and it has been designed to create a relaxing and contemporary atmosphere.