The restyling of Palazzo degli Affari in Florence

February 12, 2021

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The restyling of Palazzo degli Affari in Florence


Palazzo degli Affari is an integral part of the Florence congress and exhibition citadel managed by Firenze Fiera – Congress & Exhibition Center, along with the Fortezza da Basso and Palazzo dei Congressi.

The building is now undergoing an aesthetic and functional restyling, according to the project designed by Politecnica in partnership with Architect Elio di Franco for the architectural design, Consilium for the engineering part, and Engineer Riccardo Chiti for the energy-related aspects.

Preceded by extensive historic and archival research, the upgrading of the building touches various fields, including its architecture, structure, and systems, in synergy with the restoration of contemporary architecture, and features the reconstruction of the external façades, whose original aspect will be preserved to create a unique and coordinated image from a historical and functional point of view.

Carried out following the HBIM (Historic Building Information Modelling) method – an innovative design technology to restore existing buildings – the key objective of this renovation work is also to upgrade the building in terms of energy efficiency and effectiveness, to make it sustainable.

A new corridor obtained on the back, on the ground floor, will allow to maximise the aesthetic qualities and functionalities of the building, optimizing the use of spaces, thanks also to the construction of a large staircase connecting the basement, the ground floor and the first floor.

Furthermore, the building will feature a panoramic terrace at the top available for the events, with a view of the main city monuments.

Beatrice Gentili, Sales Manager of Politecnica for Italy, said:

The project of Palazzo degli Affari stems from the property’s need to renovate the palace, built in the 1970s, turning it into an emblem of excellence and modernity within the great congress and exhibition center of Florence and Tuscany. The expertise of Politecnica, combined with the competence of the partners involved, made it possible for us to carry out a restoration project which will greatly improve the use of spaces, making Palazzo degli Affari a reference in the congress and exhibition sector for its equipment and its use of latest technology. This restoration and enhancement project is of great relevance, as much as other important works already implemented on the territory, such as the detailed design of the Uffizi, the project to monitor public access at Palazzo Pitti, and finally, the one of the ‘ex-Dogana’.”