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Villa FC, the vintage renovation near Cuneo


In Racconigi, a small village near the Italian city of Cuneo, the architect Antonio Perrone has designed the renovation of Villa FC, a small dwelling built in the early 1900s and characterised by the traditional features of Piedmontese rural houses, with its vaulted ceiling and cotto tiles. 

The intervention consists of a significant alteration of spaces, necessary to adapt to the demands of modernity while combining functionality and comfort; the interior becomes essential and the light floods the rooms warming the typical geometries of these spaces.

The tiles draw different graphic patterns in every room with their vintage motifs, reinterpreted from a modern point of view; on the other hand, the ceiling vaults accompany and gently balance the dynamic rhythm of the floors. 

The pastel-coloured couch, perfectly juxtaposed with the other tones, stands out as the main character of the living room and faces the wooden graphic stroke, that matches the window fixtures. 

Moreover, in the kitchen, where the space is enlarged by a brighter colour range, the table-seats duo winks at Michelangelo Pistoletto and his Lunch Painting (1965); finally, the bedroom, located on the North side, is the most intimate space and abounds with minimalism, showing a more traditional and relaxing pattern. 

A welcoming house, very Italian.