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Create your own ray of sunshine!

Sunshower is an innovative Dutch company founded by engineers Merijn Wegdam and Oscar Meijer. Inspired by the blessing of the sunlight, the duo has developed a totally new product: sunlight when taking a shower. With its products the company wants to contribute to health and well-being with the motto: Create your own ray of sunshine!


This 2003 start-up has in the meantime developed into a professional organization with an assortment of constantly improving, developing and expanding products. In addition to the products for daily well-being, Sunshower also produces medical equipment that uses light for treating skin diseases (the sister company, Sunshower Medical, is an innovator in the field of at home phototherapy).

Sunshower products were developed in collaboration with TNO* and specialist doctors of the LUMC and VUMC** (*Dutch independent research institute for applied research; **Policlinics and university faculties of medicine in Leiden and Amsterdam (Netherlands)).


Experts and even science confirm that UV and infrared light, when used responsibly, offer many health benefits. For example, infrared light relieves muscular pain and stiffness, helps fight pain and delays the onset of daily pain in the case of rheumatism. UV light is responsible for the production of vitamin D, which increases our immune defences and our energy level. What makes Sunshower unique is that the products are installed in the shower. This combines light therapy and daily showers.

The products are tested and meet all the strict European installation guidelines, are certified by European certification bodies and regularly marked EC.


After the development and management of the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg markets, in recent years, commercial growth has focused on countries such as Germany and England. In 2017, the company started to sell on the Italian market. In Italy, Sunshower’s partner is DLX Italia Srl with registered offices in Castelfranco Emilia (MO).



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Telephone No.: +39 059 710661






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The Netherlands

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