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World leader in the brick sector

Terreal Italia specialises in the production of brick systems and solutions, and is distinctive both for its support of leading contemporary architects with specific bespoke products and experimental finishes and colours, and its services to professionals for restoration projects.

The firm is part of the multinational Terreal, world leader in the brick sector with premises all over the world. Terreal’s operations are based on the key principles of tradition, innovation, research, quality, safety and sustainability. Terreal Italia’s brick products – from roof tiles to shingles, bricks to soft pastes and slats, terracotta flooring to architectural elements, slabs to ventilated facades – are characterised by extremely high performance standards and rigorous quality control, and are available in a wide range of shapes, colours and finishes.Terreal Italia also produces in-house all the basic brickwork accessories for roofs and fair-faced walls. These are products with contemporary architectural style for facade systems, with a wide range of possible customisations, designed to bring the architect’s imagined building to life.

For some years the firm has been happy to commit to the promotion of architectural culture, through its support for conferences and workshops and the publication of books on architecture. In this way it demonstrates its closeness to leading contemporary architects, by executing their ideas and visions in brick.

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