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Abimis, the custom-made kitchen for Peter Zec in Essen


Essen (Germany) is a city with a long history of steel working, surrounded, on the other hand, by romantic parks and gardens: here Abimis has found the ideal location for one of its latest projects – the kitchen for Peter Zec’s apartment, designed to create the perfect combination of industrial skill and high-quality craftsmanship .

Abimis’s skills in providing bespoke creations and its extraordinarily comprehensive range of services, allowed the customer’s two kitchens to take shape, one after the other, remaining perfectly in line with his tastes and requirements; so, supporting the design followed by the Edgar Fuchs architecture studio, Abimis once again managed to create a one-of-a-kind Ego kitchen.

The unique feature of this version is the special curved shape of the cooking unit, painted in matt white, which perfectly enhances the ergonomics of a space that has been designed for the movements of the person using it. Developed like an island, one part of this unit is home to the work surface, with the gas and induction cooker being positioned on the other, making it easy for the person cooking to complete a series of actions. The drawers underneath, one of which is a warming drawer, and the wall rail to hang accessories and utensils, ensure everything is within easy reach.

 A sink unit and a series of columns with the classic, hand-polished finish, are positioned along the almost pentagonal perimeter of the kitchen: playing around with heights and the extraordinary customisation possibilities offered by Abimis, made it possible to streamline a relatively small space, creating an efficient kitchen with lots of accessories; there are, in fact, plenty of built-in elements, including a fridge, an amazing three ovens and an espresso coffee machine.

Despite its unique and almost eccentric design, this kitchen respects the incredibly high standards of Abimis: the professional cooking units were provided directly by Prisma and the AISI 304 stainless steel is confirmed as being an extremely hygienic, recyclable and easy-to-clean material, all of which are qualities of a professional kitchen.

This ad hoc design expresses the harmony between industrial style and stylistic sophistication, a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. This is what Abimis is all about: bespoke living solutions that are increasingly making a name for themselves on the international scene.