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Abimis, the Ego kitchen furnishes a typical Parisian apartment



Classic furniture and contemporary objects, sophistication and simplicity: the French style is perfectly expressed by this private apartment situated between the 2nd and 3rd Arrondissement, characterised by the typical features of French architecture and decoration, such as the high ceilings, the huge white walls, the parquet floorboards laid in a herringbone pattern, splashes of colour and the wall panelling.

The kitchen also plays host to the dining area and opens onto the living room: it stars a refined island version of Ego, the kitchen customised and tailored by Abimis and made entirely from orbitally polished AISI 304 stainless steel.

The home owner wanted a top-performing island in her kitchen which would not only house all the ‘operational’ elements, but would complete the existing wall-mounted solution, made with wooden doors and marble top and wall panel, to recreate that stylistic mix & match that permeates the entire home.

This configuration of Ego involves the coexistence of the workspace, the cooking area, with an induction hob with built in hood, and the washing-up area, with the sink welded to the top; complete with an oven, the island features drawers and doors on both sides, with pull-out shelves dedicated to storing food and utensils.

In addition, bevelled flush doors that are integrated into the structure, invisible hinging pivots, ergonomic handles, a recessed plinth grant easier access to the entire depth of the workspace, a joint-free worktop for guaranteed hygiene and practicality.

These details, together with the impeccable layout of all the functional elements, transform this domestic kitchen into a top-performing and efficient solution, a stylish expression of exquisite quality Made in Italy.