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Adam, a “human” sculpture that warms the room and purifies the air



Adam is more than a sculpture: the latest proposal of the Artwork Italian Heritage collection is characterised by essential shapes and functionality that bring us back to the human being in its purest representation to create an object that fits easily not only into domestic environments, but also into business facilities, contract environments or even art installations.

Adam is a dual-function ceramic item designed by Fabrizio Batoni that can be an air purifier and heater at the same time; Adam can be operated remotely and wirelessly and it integrates seamlessly into home automation systems managed through platforms such as Alexa, Google Home and Siri and it is also possible to configure the mode of use and the switch-on system by downloading the “Smart Life” app on your mobile phone.

Adam is available in four finishes – glossy white, glossy black, gold, platinum – and in the original “Storia” decoration. It can be customised on request thus becoming a unique and representative canvas of your own personal story just like a painting.