Alma Design, in 2019 the space is Living Coral

January 14, 2019

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Alma Design, in 2019 the space is Living Coral

According to Pantone, Living Coral is the Color of the Year. Consequently, in 2019 this warm, fancy and enveloping color will be able to influence the beauty sector, lifestyle, designers in different fields like fashion, home furniture and industrial design, it will dictate new trends and will be the source of new inspirations for the next year. 

Always observant to new trends, Alma Design renews some of its most iconic proposals and proposes a wide range of seats, armchairs and stools customizable in the new color: Agata, Amy, Gesto, Marlene Virna, X Big and other proposals are presented in Living Coral, turning into complements with a strong character, but at the same time able to fit with relaxed elegance in the environment that welcomes them, enhancing it and making it special. 

In fact, Alma Design offers the possibility to create, through its solutions, original settings, in many different color, an attitude that makes every project unique. And in 2019 these settings will be able to transmit energy and positive vibrations too, thanks to the power of Living Coral.