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Antrax IT and AMDL CIRCLE present the new radiator Lana



Born from a collaboration with AMDL CIRCLE, the studio of Michele De Lucchi, Lana is the first modular radiator from Antrax IT and was presented this way by De Lucchi himself:

Heat is a sensation that has always been associated with the concept of domestic hospitality, it envelops you and makes you feel good. We therefore thought of an object that generates warmth and invites you closer, to be touched, and put your hands on it. Due to the deconstructed interplay of lights and shadows on a convex and pleated surface, we made what is not soft seem soft, providing all those pleasant sensations of comfort that a wool sweater can give.”

Lana is the first Antrax IT modular radiator, designed by AMDL CIRCLE, Michele De Lucchi studio. It develops from a 33×33 cm square tile, with rounded corners and a bulging effect: made of 100% recyclable cast aluminum, it allows for multiple configurations to achieve the desired thermal comfort. The curved surface is further worked with a superficial plissè effect, inspired by the soft yarns of the textile world, which also refers to the elegant patchwork composed by the combination of multiple modules, oriented horizontally or vertically. Hence the collection’s name, which reinforces the theme of inspiration with the exclusive selection of embossed finishes in different colours, in their pleasant tactile and material effect.

The radiator is customizable in terms of colours and configurations possibilities: from a minimum of three linear elements to a maximum of twelve, organized by two rows with alternating patterns, it can also give life to side-by-side compositions of multiple models, in continuity, staggered, or grouped in an important square format. Its expressive strength emerges from the play of lights and shadows generated by the three-dimensional texture, which makes Lana a product with a pronounced plastic component.

The matrix from which the radiator comes to life is designed to increase the radiant capacity: the plissè motif offers a dual decorative and functional value, allowing to achieve high thermal performance in the electric and hydraulic versions, the latter of which is powered by a very low water content. Lana can also be accessorized with a handle on which to store towels that facilitates its use in the bathroom.