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Casa Politeia, the light of Lapitec for a loft in Athens



Located in the homonymous luxury residential district, in the norther part of the historical center of Athens, with a priceless view of Mount Parnete and the Attica region, Casa Politeia develops on the last two levels of a three-storey building and is designed by the AK Praxis studio, focusing on pure shapes, light colors and permeable spaces invaded by natural light, which enters through full-wall windows.

Fluid and airy, the interior is designed to erase the barriers between indoor and outdoor and gain a new configuration where the shaded and penumbra areas are almost absent; the colors chosen are neutral and the shades selected by the studio include white, light gray, oak wood, alternate with chromed or black metal details and great contemporary works of art.

In the purity of the spatial organization and the colors, the kitchen area open to the living room stands out, in which two elements contrast: a dining table, rectangular and black, is faced by an island, of the same length and completely white; the kitchen block confirms the design language of the home and is configured as a monolith, where the sink and the induction are perfectly integrated into the top.

Topped by a lowering of the same size with diffused light, the island has a Lapitec top, washbasin and sides in Bianco Artico nuance, Satin finish: the thin passing veins enrich the material which, while retaining the warmth and charm of the natural stones, guarantees higher performances also in a sustainable key. Ù

The composition of Lapitec, a mixture of 100% natural minerals, is in fact completely free of inks, resins and other toxic additives and allows maximum hygiene and durability, thanks to the total absence of pores on the surface; in addition, the extension of the kitchen unit brings Lapitec to its maximum expression: the top is in fact made of a single slab over 3 meters long and has no joints on its surface, affirming once again the attention to detail and the choice of essential lines by the Ak Praxis studio.

Finally, right on the large terrace of Casa Politeia, outlined by a green perimeter with plants on multiple heights to recall the mountains on the horizon, there is also a practical barbecue area with a Lapitec worktop; the sintered stone, thanks to its features, resists even in outdoor environments without ever undergoing alterations.

Spyros Konstantakis and Christina Konstantaki, founders of the firm:

Light was the fundamental element that inspired both the design and the selection of materials. We have tried to trace the journey of light through the wide external views and improve the transparency of the environment, offering an experience of well-being. We let the Athenian light paint the various areas of the house, through a play of lights and shadows that is always different during the various phases of day and night “.